Preserve Your TESLA’s Elegance with Premium Paint Protection Film (PPF) Services

At Wraps & PPF, we understand the unparalleled allure of a TESLA. The precision engineering, breathtaking design, and raw power come together to create a masterpiece on wheels. Protecting this masterpiece is not just a necessity, but a commitment to preserving its magnificence for years to come. That’s where our premium Paint Protection Film (PPF) services come into play.

PPF Application


As a Certified Installer of SunTek and Premium Shield paint protection films, I appreciate the unparalleled value and craftsmanship that go into luxury and supercars like Tesla. Trained in the heart of Great Britain—a hub for automotive excellence—I offer a service that is as elite as the vehicles I work on.

The SunTek and Premium Shield films I install are engineered to offer the ultimate protection against environmental hazards, road debris, and UV radiation, whilst maintaining and enhancing the car’s original shine.

So, when you entrust your prized Tesla to ‘Wraps & PPF’ installers, you’re not merely purchasing a service; you’re investing in craftsmanship that matches the calibre of your vehicle.

The certification process entailed rigorous training and assessments, ensuring that I possess the technical expertise required to apply the film with precision. This is especially vital for owners of luxury vehicles, as even a minor flaw can have a significant impact on the car’s resale value.

How much would cost to install PPF on a Tesla?

Let’s explore below the range of prices for a Paint Protection Film installation on your beloved Tesla. Several factors influence the increase/decrease of the final price such as total coverage area, PPF brand, complexity of the Tesla body, and many others. This is a preliminary estimate to give you an idea of the budget involved.

Tesla body element/partPrices starts atTimelines
Windscreen (WPF)£ 3451-2 days
Front bumper£ 5251-2 days
Rear bumper£ 4951-2 days
Bonnet£ 4001-2 days
Full Front End£ 14753-5 days
Full Front End and Sills£ 17353-5  days
Whole Car,
4 doors
£ 44757-10 days

1. Pricing includes Cost for Materials & Labor
2. All PPF applications on Tesla cars are performed with Wrapped Edges
3. Timelines include Preparation, Application, and Curing Time
4. Full Front End include Bonnet, Bumper, Wings, Headlights, Fog-lights, Mirrors application
5. WPF – Windscreen Protection Film

We Are Delighted to Share with You Our Google Reviews

Wraps&PPF is dedicated to providing premium and cost-effective services to clients in Milton Keynes and beyond. Have a quick peek at our Google reviews and discover the exceptional level of service you can expect when you choose us!

Wraps & PPF Authentic Google Reviews

I’m thrilled with the top-notch service provided by this garage for the PPF installation on my Tesla Model Y. The team’s expertise and attention to detail during the installation process were truly impressive. They guided me through the PPF options, ensuring the best fit for my car’s needs.

The final result exceeded my expectations. My Tesla now boasts both enhanced aesthetics and vital protection. The staff’s professionalism and dedication to quality make them the ultimate choice for PPF installation. I confidently recommend their services to all car enthusiasts.

Completed job on black Tesla model

Kelvin Leung, August 2023

I had my Tesla model Y 2023 PPF wrapped in gloss. Really happy with the service.

I had 2 other competitors also factored in at the start of the process but the customer service and being able to ask questions to the technician in a good time frame won the business.

Andrew Radford, August 2023

Give your Tesla the ultimate defence with bespoke Paint Protection Film.

Protecting its paintwork with PPF ensures it remains a head-turner on the British roads.

We have installed PPF on hundreds of premium and luxury cars, including some of the models listed below. Rest assured, if your Tesla is on the list, we can certainly install the PPF on it.

  • Tesla Roadster (First Generation)
  • Tesla Model S
  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Tesla Model Y
  • Tesla Roadster (Second Generation)
  • Tesla Semi