Preferred Premium Materials Manufacturers

We exclusively utilize high-quality materials that have been obtained from reputable manufacturers. This ensures that our clients receive exceptional results, not only visually impressive but with long-lasting durability as well.



SunTek Logo

SunTek’s window film products aren’t just your average tint and shield; they’re a global sensation.

SunTek’s paint protection film is like a superhero cape for your car. Got a Mini or a massive Range Rover? Doesn’t matter. This stuff is the bee’s knees, with self-healing powers that’ll make scratches and nicks vanish before you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle.’ Whether you’re pottering about in a classic Jag or tearing up the tarmac in a supercharged Aston, SunTek keeps your pride and joy looking mint.

Sun Tek Manufacturer


3M logo

3M is a company that specializes in all sorts of high-quality materials and technologies, but when it comes to car wrapping, they’re the top dogs. Their vinyl wraps are the real thing – they’re tough, durable, and come in all sorts of slick styles and colours.

Plus, they’re built to last, so you won’t have to worry about your ride looking like a hot mess after just a few weeks on the road.

3M Manufacturer


Oracal Logo

ORACAL is a force to be reckoned with in the car wrapping world, and it’ll have you chuffed to bits with its top-notch quality.

ORACAL is like the James Bond of vinyl wrapping – sleek, stylish, and ready to take on any challenge. They’ve mastered the art of creating vinyl wraps that are not only stunning to look at but also built to withstand the rigours of British roads. No need to fret about chips, scratches, or the dreaded elements, mate.

ORACAL Manufacturer


Avery Dennison logo

Avery Dennison wraps are a symphony of style and quality that’ll have your ride standing out in a sea of mundane motors. They’ve got a palette of colours that’ll make your eyes pop and your heart race faster than a V12 engine.

And here’s the thing, chaps and chapettes – Avery Dennison wraps aren’t just a pretty face. No, sir. These wraps have the durability to go the distance, just like a classic Aston Martin on a Sunday drive. They’ll fend off chips, scratches, and the unpredictable British weather like true champions, ensuring your motor stays looking smashing for years to come.

Avery Dennison Manufacturer



Gtechniq, the legends in the game, have a seriously wicked collection of coatings that bond chemically. We’re talking about quartz-based ones, and even these badass composite coatings.

These ceramic coatings are like an invincibility cloak for your ride. They create a barrier that shields your baby from all those nasty chemicals and the brutal wrath of the sun. No fading or oxidizing here, my friend!

GTECHNIQ Manufacturer